Crypto Bushfire Fundraiser

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Help those fighting against Australia’s bushfires by donating cryptocurrency

Australia is in the grips of an ongoing bushfire emergency. The Crypto Fire Allaince is challenging the global crypto community to unite and help out, and raise funds quickly to help fight those fires.

Cryptocurrency funds raised will be converted into AUD and donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA). You can learn more about the association on its site.

You can support the firefighting efforts using a range of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. Please transfer any funds you wish to donate to the appropriate address below.

The Crypto Fire Alliamce will convert funds raised into Australian dollars and donate them to the RFSA. (As this effort grows, they may look to add additional charities that can be supported. Please keep visiting this page for updates.)

Wallet addresses

As always, please double-check that you have entered the correct address before transferring any funds.

  • Please compare addresses against the whiteboard picture below to ensure they remain valid in the unlikely event they are compromised in text format.

BTC: 3BVTfsVNnugTqhPmxZ5NLifSv5g5DCyA6p

ETH: 0xFf70AC142A9D359BdE8391D10cc017C77E6e397c

USDT (ERC20): 0xFf70AC142A9D359BdE8391D10cc017C77E6e397c

USDC (ERC20): 0xFf70AC142A9D359BdE8391D10cc017C77E6e397c

XRP: rJwEcbDJps4FW51i1NBPg21mKcrJG7f4ez

BCH: qquleg8r4mqfjkln6ffw85jefdnpdtzcwu55k40fs2

LTC: M8yUhFBbJH1yQ7CeNBhs9UkfvMuoGxMvKC (please note: M-address format)


More coming soon