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Sometimes at the end we find the nugget, the truth we’ve been looking for, or the idea that brings a story to life. So it was in this interview with global ambassador for Blockchain, Marc Taverner. It’s not the rest of the interview was uninspiring – far from it. There were funny bits, interesting bits and lots of hard work in in between. I never knock hard work – it’s the bedrock of success. There is no one as lucky as a hard working person, trust me.

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EOS Tuesday – Jan Van de Ven and Direct Democracy #EP19

Jan Van De Ven, entrepreneur and Direct Democracy Ireland candidate for Ireland South in the 2019 European Parliamentary Elections talks to Jillian about the start of the internet, the start of the Irish State and how a direct citizen referendum can make a difference, and oh! what about an Irish Coin for the Diaspora?

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Killian Stokes: Where Technology and Philanthropy Meet

It is one of the first things we know about coffee – that Fairtrade is better than regular brands– but what does that mean exactly and do the farmers really benefit? Coffee farming in Africa has captured the imagination of the Western World more easily than say banana, barley or peanut farming but are we just salving our conscience by choosing the Fairtrade label or are we actually doing good?

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