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Today's blockleader

Steve and Yuri talk in advance of the Globalcoin from Facebook.  Are they aiming to become the next Wechat – with their stablecoin?  They already have a huge use base.  But as Steve remembers – WhatsApp was going to tiral cryptocurrency in India – last year- but of course last month India banned cryptocurrency.

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EOS Tuesday – Paul Scott of DisPRuptive PR

Paul Scott of DisPRuptive PR hails from a career in traditional finance which he found increasing frustrating. He enjoys finance but not the way it is currently managed. When he discovered cryptocurrency and blockchain he became very excited knowing he could merge his two passions – finance and helping companies grow. It is a win win for him – and for his clients.

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Yuri Cataldo – It’s a Gift

Named for Dr Zhivago, Yuri was destined to be in the Arts – if only he knew it, but someone forgot to send him a memo and instead he entered into a Mechanical Engineering Degree in Purdue University in his native Indiana. However, once he discovered that engineering was more about maths than industrial design, which had been his initial interest, he transferred instead to Indiana University Bloomington to study theatrical design and never looked back.

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