Stories from the Quarantine

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LOGLINE: Bored out of his mind during the COVID-19 quarantine, a student documentarian embarks on a project to interview (remotely) his best friends to see how they’re staying “safer at home”

SOCIAL DISTANCING: In order to observe local and worldwide social distancing mandates, all episodes were recorded remotely on actors’ phones, based on scripts written by Sam Brooks, the creator.

DISTRIBUTION: Premieres on Instagram and IGTV, on the account @sambrookspresents.

EDITING: Episodes were edited in Bulgaria by local editor Vanishonko.


THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY (MAY 27th): Boston. Stars Quentin Parker. An extreme extrovert, used to partying with her friends on the nightly, starts to unravel as she’s forced into isolation.

THE STONER (JUNE 3rd): New Hampshire. Stars Charlie Brooks. A stoner/gamer gives a somewhat disjointed interview on his exciting life under quarantine.

THE GERMAPHOBE (JUNE 10th): Los Angeles. Stars Kellen Pembleton. A germaphobe slowly spirals into madness as his life is flipped upside down by the worldwide pandemic.

THE COUPLE (JUNE 17th): Dublin, Ireland. Stars Téa Reagan and Abby Carr. Things start to go awry as the COVID pandemic forces a young couple to move in together prematurely.