Nicholas King; The Art of Selling is a Science You Should Learn in Business Development

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‘Early to bed, early to rise.’ I am an embodiment of 31 years of deal-making, and I can tell you for a fact that It works wonders. Your mind stays sharp and ready to conquer the world.

Learn how Nicholas King; a sterling prodigy athlete and virtuoso rose against all the odds to become a sales warlord across several industries including the real estate and blockchain space.

Nicholas King spoke to Block Leader’s Demi Oye about his business acumen, growing from a student-athlete to a master salesman amongst other interesting tales this interview promises to regale you with.

Where did it all begin?

‘I am an Australian. I am the eldest son of Philip King; a corporate lawyer and Jill Taylor, a physiotherapist.  I am a fifth-generation direct descendant of Governor King third Governor of New South Wales. By 12 years of age, I had represented NSW state in rugby, school vice-captain in the centenary year for Lane Cove Public.’

‘As the eldest son of a highly driven father who was a successful corporate lawyer, I knew I always had to do better. He pushed me to excel in sport: swimming, rugby, athletics, rowing, etc. I gained state New South Wales’ selection in rugby union and 800m athletics to make the final of Pacific School Games and break a GPS record. I was always encouraged to excel via hard work and a strict routine of early to bed, early to rise and daily exercise.’

Nicholas managed to pass the entrance exam into selective boy’s private school Sydney Grammar School where he excelled in sports. He became the swimming & athletics age champion. He was also selected as the captain of the A rugby teams and led them to their first title by year 11.

Nicholas finished school at another GPS school called Newington College. As a prefect and the athlete, he represented New South Wales for 800 m at the Pacific School games placing 6th in the final at 1.54 a GPS record.

I completed a sports science diploma at Wollongong University then I started studying the real estate industry after realizing I had a talent in selling. I sold my championship ambitions to sports teams I captained, projects I spearheaded, it was only a matter of time before I took it up and embraced the art of selling in its truest form.

By 1989 was He was the 2nd top salesperson at Andrew Gibbons Double Bay selling waterfront properties on Sydney’s North Shore.

In 1993, he helped launch King Property.  By 1997 Westpac awarded King Property as one of the three companies to start mortgage broking for them in New South Wales. They brokered deals on behalf of Estate agents, celebrities, the wealthy and famous.

Things got bigger as Nicholas became the CEO of a public company in property development. He later expanded into energy and mining when he founded King Oil & Gas Fund LLC (Delaware).

Outside of business, I asked Nicholas if he loved to enjoy life more often. In a bid to get him to talk a bit more about his background, values, people behind the scenes, He reveals that:

I am happy for the little things that happen around me. I have learned to cherish these fractions of moments we create.  I enjoy traveling, working out, reading, meeting new people and movies. I also enjoy managing clients and building their wealth via careful stock selection and portfolio management.

I have a 21-year old daughter who has just completed a Bachelor of Arts (Musical Theatre) Federation Victoria. I am 54 years of age and single living between Sydney & New York City as a founder of a global hedge fund based in the USA yet backed by five major middle eastern and Hong Kong Consortiums.

I have had my fair share of struggles and oddities as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

While I credit my father for my resilience and doggedness, he was an abusive father, and I could have imploded when it mattered most. My parent’s divorce also took a toll on me.

I also realized being an individual with multiple talents is a gift and a curse.

During my University period, I couldn’t focus on what I really wanted or needed to do. I knew sales would be the core of it, but I wasn’t sure if real estate was the right niche for me. Many people at college already had their lives planned out. I was never in that realm. I was simply winging it till real estate came into the picture.

I am divorced twice and had to sling it in the court after my first marriage crashed to see my baby daughter.

My sister had her brain tumor diagnosis in 2001, and she finally gave up the ghost in 2014. News of my second sister’s diagnosis of a brain tumor was also shattering. I don’t want to lose her.

While we established his undying passion for sales earlier, I was interested in knowing what attracted him to the blockchain space.

I could clearly see blockchain was going to be a very big game changer. I had observed the acceptance of bitcoin since 2011 and quickly realized cryptocurrency was here to stay and presented attributes that fiat currency lacked in substance and functionality. Cryptocurrency can be utilized to transfer large amounts of capital inexpensively and rapidly. Blockchain became a brilliant way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of doing business via smart contracts and lower administration costs.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and Bitcoin are concepts that have taken the world by surprise with their cutting-edge approach and multiple benefits. Some of these benefits include decentralized systems, saving money, no need for intermediaries and other revelations that have been brought to light.

I realized “virtual currency” powered by blockchain at the time was going to be the way forward as an alternative to fiat currency quite early 2009. My hedge fund King Oil & Gas Fund LLC (Delaware) was negotiating to acquire a French virtual currency being developed in conjunction with the French Government and top French scientists. We decided not to invest due to the complexity and the huge funds needed to execute the project. I am still watching out for opportunities on that front, though.

Also, my stepchildren talked about cryptocurrency and then invested early in DOGEcoin and various other cryptocurrencies in 2017. I dedicated every day to reading and researching the subject of cryptocurrency and subscribed to expert advice and recommendations.

Lastly, I was approached by Nauticus; an ambitious startup in Melbourne. I was also approached by Victoria AUSTRALIA whose founders wanted me to become their head of business development. Later on, the folks at Loyakk,, USAT and many other ICOs and blockchain related companies approached me for investment, corporate & business development advice. I have met a lot of amazing professionals and personalities while providing my advisory services to the best of my capacity.

Development can be viewed in two dimensions: progress or regress.

Any entrepreneur typically chooses progress, i.e., business broadening, consolidation, and increasing income and legacy.

If you ask a group of people what they think business development is, you would most likely get a few different answers.

The term ‘Business development’ is always used in a broader context which allows companies to strengthen ties with their existing customers as well as attracting new customers in other areas of their business.

I asked Nicholas what a typical day looked like for him when he has to help blockchain firms achieve a meaner and more attractive business edge in the fintech space.

Investing time regularly in the objective of developing your business is critical to building a future that is better than today. Sometimes, we may encounter problems that prevent us from solving our own puzzles. Questions like how to grow our company, how to get a contract, or how to lock in sales might go unanswered for a rather long time. It’s important to step back and take a few minutes to ponder the rudiments of business development and why it is important for winning the marathon.

I have had a lifetime to practice, learn, unlearn, implement and learn all over again. It’s burdensome for others but it is a challenge to me. I am determined and resilient on any project that carries my name or hires my services. Firstly, I assess the situation. Secondly, I seek advice from both professional and confidantes.

Thirdly, I devise a plan a,b,c by looking at the lessons and seeking the opportunities that may arise. Fourthly, I gain strength via personal development: mediation, counseling, exercise, group therapy, affirmations, and visualizations etc.

I interview founders and Boards to assess management style and state of affairs. I perform Desktop Due Diligence on the company based on their best Financials (past, current & Projections. Next up, I arrange a weekly conference call to ‘coach’ the CEO. I devise a Timeline with milestones with CEO for our goals and plan, SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats). I hold the CEO accountable to the required actions in a timely manner while creating synergies for key strategic alliances.

The ball does not stop rolling for Nicholas. We talked about his plans for the future in the blockchain space and beyond.

We are working hard to finalize and settle many deals currently. We are advising a handful of select companies to success: Nauticus, Loyakk,, Mybackyard and our various portfolio of investments.

King Oil & Gas Fund llc (Delaware) has a great deal flow. We have a $US40.5 million Agriculture Deal, Light Diesel refinery $US10 million, Cryptocurrency bank in Europe, ASX major share acquisition and many other deals agreed  in the process of moving to settlement.

We also have a major project underway for cryptocurrency mining, supercomputers and blockchain rollout including data mining; which is our biggest and most lucrative to date.

King Oil & Gas Fund LLC is partnered with Millennium Alternative Investment Managers who are building an ASX listed fund. It will become a global solution to financial transactions and banking operations. The project is underway with banking licenses, Crypto banks, and fintech Solutions all working synergistically and effectively to overcome some of the current weaknesses in international transacting processes and cost and time issues.

Nicholas understood that the path to success in transitioning from the career to CEO ladder was conservative money management. Financially, it was a challenging quest, focusing on his hedge fund vision, while maintaining a never say die attitude against all the naysayers.

Any final words, Nicholas?

I am grateful to be invited for an interview with BlockLeaders.

It is an absolute delight and pleasure to be operating now at a high level of service, integrity, and excellence.

Achieving my personal goals and corporate objectives while contributing my quota to the blockchain space has always been a top priority for me.

I believe in true financial inclusion with a vision to change the way people transact, store and mine data.

I envision a future in which several Fortune 500 companies will have blockchain rolled out and utilized for their business, projects, and offerings without having to give up the core ideal and DNA of their brands.

If you want to look up Nicholas King and what he is up to these days, connect or follow him on LinkedIn.