President Vít Jedlička and co-founder and first lady Jana Markovičová

Liberland Celebrates Fourth Christmas, Appoints Minister of Finance

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The Free Republic of Liberland, the micronation formed in April 2015, celebrated its fourth Christmas in Prague in the Czech Republic. Hosted by the President Vít Jedlička and co-founder and first lady Jana Markovičová, the annual event brought together more than 150 Liberlanders, ambassadors, honorary consuls, citizens and supporters from around the world.  The event took place in the Liberland representative office in Prague.

The appointment of Ali Kassab as incoming Minister of Finance was announced at the event. Ali will take over from Jan Purkrabek, who has held this position since the foundation of Liberland. Jan will now head up the Liberland Chamber of Commerce Project.  Ali was awarded the CEO of the year in 2018 by Smart SMB in Dubai. He is a self-made businessman, serial entrepreneur, Secretary General of the newly launched Global Blockchain Organisation and CEO of Centurion & Co.

President Vít also updated the audience on the progress of building the Liberland blockchain technology led by GhostBusters CEO Vahid Toosi as well as the development of the Liberland Free Trade Zone in Apatin in Serbia.

Other news shared was the ongoing investigation into a system of decentralised courts, the migration of to a new technical platform and the upgrading of the identity system to help process the 600,000 applications in process and already established.

Present at the event were Vice President Boguslaw Wozniak, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Thomas Walls, Dr Tariq Abbasi – Secretary of State, Minister of Finance Ali Kassab, Jan Purkrabek, Chief of Staff Petr Krovina, and Liberland Press Editor in Chief and Ireland representative Jillian Godsil.

Foreign Minister Walls introduced the Liberland Aid Foundation (, the new US-based charitable organization that allows Liberlanders to support humanitarian aid programs while opening diplomatic doors for Liberland. Liberland TV anchorman Michał Czekaj prepared the video presenting the Liberland Aid Foundation.