Blockchain Week Ireland 2019 Kicks Off with Nationwide Launch Events in Dublin, Cork, Sligo and Galway

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Today Monday 25 March we are changing our content and Monday is now a BlockChain Country Profile – and today we are looking at what is happening in blockchain in Ireland.  And it coincides with a major launch – keep on reading to find out what is happening in blockchain in Ireland and let’s also think positive about Brexit!

On Thursday 21 March, Blockchain Ireland, the body which promotes the development of Ireland’s blockchain ecosystem, formally launched Blockchain Ireland Week in Dublin, Cork, Sligo, and Galway. Blockchain Ireland Week will run from 24-31 May across the country.

The mission of Blockchain Ireland Week is to bring together and grow the blockchain ecosystem in Ireland. Blockchain Ireland Week will bring entrepreneurs, developers, and corporate leaders together over 7 days this May (24th to 31st) to build momentum and opportunities in blockchain across the country. Events will be held across the following engagement tracks: Corporate, Developer, Design, Social Impact, and Startups/Entrepreneur. Events will drive awareness and reinforce the relevance and impact of blockchain technology within Ireland, and will include talks, workshops and networking opportunities. A calendar of the growing list of events for the week is available on the Event page, as well as a form for organisations to spin-up their own events to be added to the calendar.

Brendan Bonner, Chair of Blockchain Ireland commenting on yesterday’s launch said, “Overall, Blockchain Ireland week is a celebration of the unique community surrounding a core technology which will enable so many industries to transform in the next century. Blockchain Ireland has brought together the triple helix of academia, industry, and government for blockchain innovations, and Blockchain Ireland Week is the chance to showcase the advances in blockchain innovation, education and research and industry first projects that have been borne in Ireland to the wider blockchain ecosystem.”

He added, “Blockchain Ireland Week will bring together the entire country from Letterkenny to Cork, from Sligo to Waterford and Galway to Dublin, with a focus on making Ireland the best location for Blockchain related competence and talent across all industries. From fintech to medtech, from communications to privacy, this week will provide a fulcrum for activities covering workshops, creative and inspiring talks, hackathons and networking opportunities. The past 18 months has seen an exponential increase in both indigenous and international activity in blockchain related research and development, culminating with a number of high profile companies setting up a base here to take advantage of the open, mobile and enthusiastic ecosystem. State-supported academic programmes by industry, have delivered cross-industry masters and cross-skilling opportunities, and these will be built upon over the next year.”

Jillian Godsil, Co-founder of said: “Ireland has already positioned itself as the preferred destination for 9 out of the top10 Fintechs in the world. We have the talent, the experience, and the enthusiasm to again lead the way globally. And while Brexit is a most painful of political and economic situations on our doorstep, Britain leaving the EU does place Ireland as the only native English speaking country in the EU while still the closest to the US.  It is an ill wind that blows no good.”

Lory Kehoe, Managing Director of ConsenSys Ireland, said: “We were delighted to host the Dublin Launch for Blockchain Ireland Week here at our new offices. With close to 150 attendees in Dublin alone, and more at the other Launch events in Cork, Galway, and Sligo, real momentum has been building amongst the growing community in the lead up to what is going to be a fantastic week”

He added, “Ireland is at an exciting turning point but simply put, business and government need to work together to equip Irish citizens with the skills they need to work in the economy of the future. Blockchain Ireland has a dedicated education working group dedicated to pro-actively work on this area. There is exciting news about to come out on this topic so watch this space.”Caption: Attendees gather for the kick off of Blockchain Ireland week at ConsenSys Dublin