Be Left Behind – Discover Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Before It’s Too Late

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Our regular Wednesday Columnists here on Steve Good and Yuri Cataldo are very excited to announce that had just completed their first book on cryptocurrency called Be Left Behind.

This book will ….explain the following concepts:

What is Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
We compare it all to banking and money so that you understand exactly how it works.

How to keep your coins safe
No one wants to lose their money or be hacked so we’ve got tons of tips and tricks to keep your coins secure

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin?
Bitcoin, we believe, is heading to the moon, or perhaps the stars and we tell you how and why.
Send, spend, buy and invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
Learn how to get started so that you can use Bitcoin in your life everyday.
Steve Good
Steve Good is the host of The Coin Chat and is a digital strategist who travels the globe raising awareness and adoption in cryptocurrency. He spent more than 20 years in Financial Services and Technology as a Management Consultant and Client Account Manager at Deloitte and Infosys before dedicating his time to cryptocurrency. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with board level experience, a public figure, keynote speaker, and has been featured in numerous articles including BuzzFeed. He currently resides in London, UK with his family.
Yuri Cataldo
Yuri Cataldo is the co-host of The Coin Chat and advises companies on PR, marketing, and media strategy. Named one of the 40 under 40 business leaders he is an award-winning Yale-trained designer with credits on Broadway. He founded the 3X international award-winning bottled water company IndigoH2O and has been featured in various media outlets including INC, Forbes, and The Boston Globe. He is a guest lecturer at Yale, Tufts, Princeton, Stanford, and conferences about art, entrepreneurship, and innovation. He currently lives in Boston, MA.