This Week on Blockleaders

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This week we observed people’s passion for blockchain and their work to popularise it. We went over the idea that it is through people and education, as well as people’s relentless passion that blockchain will expand across many aspects of life to make a better world for the people that live in it.

We started the week covering blockchain, storytelling and marketing, only to finish with using it to solve public sector problems. On the way, we took a look at the compelling aspects that draw people to the crypto world, we linked gaming and blockchain technologies, and we also talked about advocating education and digital media in Nigeria.

Here are the incredible leaders we met this week:

Paulii Good: When marketing and storytelling meet the blockchain

Blockchain, storytelling & marketing. Coinvestors Strategic Marketing Advisor Paulii Good educated us on the power of storytelling, and how it can be used within the marketing and blockchain space.

Paulii Good

Ruud Feltkamp – Hooked on Crypto

From soap star to DJ, to CEO of a cryptocurrency platform. Cryptohopper CEO and Co-founder Ruud Feltkamp explored the compelling aspects of crypto, and why it is grabbing so many people’s attention.

Ruud Feltkamp

Marcus Howard: Playing the Game of Life on a Blockchain

Linking gaming and blockchain technologies, ProjectMQ public speaker Marcus Howard revealed how gamers were already at the forefront of digital currencies before their rise in popularity.

Marcus Howard

Christian Ani – Closing the Blockchain Education Gap in Nigeria and Beyond

Advocating education and digital media in Nigeria, Cryptohub Founder and CEO Chris Ani talked to us about his work in the blockchain space as an educator and an entrepreneur, along with his charity endeavours.

Chris Ani

Lisa Turner: Advocating for equality through the Government Blockchain Association

Solving public sector problems through blockchain. Government Blockchain Association Chapter Lead Lisa Turner told us how blockchain’s versatility is the key to its ultimate goal of mass adoption.

Lisa Turner