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SVK Crypto Women in Blockchain podcast with Jess Houlgrave

Today’s episode features Firdosh Sheikh, co-founder & CEO if DRIFEFirdosh Sheikh is the co-founder/CEO of DRIFE, Nexgen Ride-hailing Platform. DRIFE is adecentralised Ride-hailing platform powered by EOS blockchain with the intent of empoweringboth the drivers and the riders without any existence of central entity.

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Mandy Shemuvalula: Youth is Not Wasted on the Young

That old saying about youth being wasted on the young has never had more relevance than it does right now. Mandy Shemuvalula’s hectic race to take on the world’s youth highlights the main impediments to young people getting ahead in business – too many old farts blocking their way. You have been warned. If you are of an ageist bent then this article is not for you. (hint, check out if you are a youth or old fogie in paragraph three).

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