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Harmony looks to make UBI a reality

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nick White, co founder, of Harmony, is a native of Hawaii with ancestral roots extending over to Scotland where he hopes to visit one day.  ‘A pilgrimage’, he calls it. He has the curiosity for rain that only someone who has grown up in sunshine can foster. And interestingly, he went to the same high school as Barack Obama. While at said school, Ken Robinson, the renowned educationalist and international speaker, gave a lecture and fired up Nick’s imagination for what lay ahead. Ken’s most famous talk, his TED talk, looks at the question of ‘our schools are killing creativity’ in which he explores the outdated and crippling teaching methods that do not serve our children well. At the end of the talk, Robinson said that if he were the students’ age, he would get into the budding industry of Artificial Intelligence