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Coin Chat Wednesday – Facebook Versus Bitcoin

Steve and Yuri talk in advance of the Globalcoin from Facebook.  Are they aiming to become the next Wechat – with their stablecoin?  They already have a huge use base.  But as Steve remembers – WhatsApp was going to tiral cryptocurrency in India – last year- but of course last month India banned cryptocurrency.

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Monday Comment: Amazon and Facebook eyeing blockchain: Can They Propel Crypto to New Heights?

It has been an exciting road as cryptocurrency adoption has ebbed and flowed, and just as with the stock market, pundits have been chomping at the bit to predict what’s next. Many crypto enthusiasts have long been talking about what can propel the industry to the next level, and many believe that all it will take is new SEC regulatory guidance or a tech giant like Facebook or Amazon to announce their own cryptocurrency to do so. It is easy to doubt either would issue their own digital currency, but upon closer look it seems as if the writing is already on the wall.