Tag: DeFi

TRON Joins Forces with HedgeTrade for TRX Integration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Decentralized Finance maven, TRON, and blockchain-verified prediction market, HedgeTrade, collaborate to offer trading analytics and insights to TRON and HedgeTrade users. CEO and Co-Founder David Waslen announced the HedgeTrade-TRON collaboration last week. HedgeTrade’s proprietary social trading platform is collaborating with TRON, by integrating TRON’s native token TRX into the HedgeTrade […]

Decentralised Finance in Macau

Reading Time: 3 minutes Macau is an awesome place to host a conference. Often dubbed the Las Vegas of China, this tiny strip of land is a buzzing ecosystem resplendent with golden hotels, temples and resorts. Returned to China since 1999, its Portuguese inheritance is very strong with Portuguese blue-framed houses sitting cheek and […]