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Asset backed DeFi – Gold

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mru Patel – CEO Sapian Group and COO of Flash Group. Before COVID19, Mru Patel, CEO Sapian Group and COO of Flash Group, was one of the best-known speakers on the international Blockchain circuit, travelling to 30plus conferences in more than 15 countries over an 8 month period and catching […]

Video – Jordan Lyall creator of $MEME

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jordan Lyall is the Product Lead of DEFI with ConsenSys and Founder of $MEME. He is a tech entrepreneur, product manager, product designer, and early crypto investor/builder. He is also the Founder of Hello Santa, a digital media startup acquired by JibJab in 2014. Find out more about $MEME here […]

VIDEO – Jason Wu of Definer – the OG of DeFi

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jason Wu is the founder and CEO of DeFiner. He has profound knowledge in applying blockchain technology to solving real-world problems. As a current member of the CFA Institute, he is a passionate advocate for financial inclusion and open finance with the help of blockchain, smart contract, and sharing economy. […]

TRON Joins Forces with HedgeTrade for TRX Integration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Decentralized Finance maven, TRON, and blockchain-verified prediction market, HedgeTrade, collaborate to offer trading analytics and insights to TRON and HedgeTrade users. CEO and Co-Founder David Waslen announced the HedgeTrade-TRON collaboration last week. HedgeTrade’s proprietary social trading platform is collaborating with TRON, by integrating TRON’s native token TRX into the HedgeTrade […]