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EOS Tuesday – Steve Grasso, CNBC, on why Gojoy is a thing of Joy

On the EOS podcast this week we have Steve Grasso who  has worked on the New York Stock Exchange and on behalf of some of the largest funds in the world. He is one of the leading gurus in the financial sector, enjoying broad popularity thanks to his regular appearances on CNBC. He talks to Jillian Godsil about his joining the the blockchain project Gojoy.

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Steven Lin, CEO of Gojoy – Creating a level shopping field

It takes a dyed in the wool entrepreneur to spot an opportunity so good it woos him at twenty paces. Yes there are a lot of clichés in my opening sentence, but I really feel I have to speak the obvious. Steven Lin joined Gojoy as CEO in February. The retail online shopping platform operating in China was the brainchild of his fellow co-founders Peter Wu, Juan Vargas, and James Zhang. The tagline of the platform is the ‘world’s most rewarding shopping community’ and it does indeed create a community that is rewarded for shopping. Not the platform, but the shoppers.