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EOS Tuesday – Marc Taverner: a global ambassador for blockchain

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today we provide an interivew with Marc Taverner, global ambassador for blockchain. Marc is a global citizen. I first met him in Oman where he blew me away with his speaking prowess. We have stayed in touch and he has been featured on these pages before in the profiles section (go on and have a look – and find out about colonising Mars).  Here he talks to me on the EOS Dublin podcast. Always a man to follow – listen here:

Marc Taverner (& Son): Colonising Mars

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sometimes at the end we find the nugget, the truth we’ve been looking for, or the idea that brings a story to life. So it was in this interview with global ambassador for Blockchain, Marc Taverner. It’s not the rest of the interview was uninspiring – far from it. There were funny bits, interesting bits and lots of hard work in in between. I never knock hard work – it’s the bedrock of success. There is no one as lucky as a hard working person, trust me.