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CoinChat Wednesday: What John McAfee told Steve in his interview about the IRS, exile and privacy coins

Reading Time: 5 minutes I recently had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with John McAfee both privately and on my show called The Coin Chat. For those of you that haven’t been following him, John McAfee departed from the US as a result of a grand jury related to potential tax fraud charges. He is also running as Libertarian for the US President 2020 elections.

Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

Reading Time: 2 minutes A step though the recent history of ICOs by Blockleader writer Fernando Sanchez … First, a bit of history There was a time, not so long ago, when someone would have looked puzzled and asked you what you meant if you spoke to them about cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies became a thing […]

Blockchain Week Ireland 2019 Kicks Off with Nationwide Launch Events in Dublin, Cork, Sligo and Galway

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today Monday 25 March we are changing our content and Monday is now a BlockChain Country Profile – and today we are looking at what is happening in blockchain in Ireland.  And it coincides with a major launch – keep on reading to find out what is happening in blockchain in Ireland and let’s also think positive about Brexit!

Jonathan Symmonds: On dragons and blockchain

Reading Time: 9 minutes Jonathan Symmonds is an accomplished animator. He’s worked with industry heavyweights such as James Cameron for Avatar, Spike Jonze on Where the Wild Things Are, Trollhunter, and many others.So the man knows a thing or two about animation, how the industry works, and what’s needed now. But of course, blockchain is not about the now, it’s about the tomorrow. So I wanted to know how he felt about the future use of blockchain technology in the animation industry.

Philipp Lesche: Developing Blockchain Solutions for Developing Countries

Reading Time: 7 minutes One of the million and one things not universally agreed upon is the definition of a developing or developed country. However, some basic parameters like level of industrialization and the Human Development Index have served as scales. Today’s Blockleader, Philipp Lesche would be sharing with us his story about his decision to join the blockchain space and how he is using blockchain for good, by developing blockchain solutions for developing countries.

Gil Hildebrand: “I came for the Lambos, But I Stayed for The Revolution”

Reading Time: 8 minutes The year 2017, precisely on the 17th of December, takes the trophy home as the year bitcoin recorded its ATH (All Time High) at  $19,783.21 on exchanges. The bitcoin decade has seen it grow from a seemingly worthless digital asset to being considered as a preferred world currency reserve, despite its reputation for being the most volatile asset worldwide, with prices yoyoing faster than you can blink. Gil Hildebrand will be sharing with us his story of getting attracted to the decentralized space for dreams of the crypto millions, but later channelling all that energy into utilizing his talents for creating blockchain solutions for businesses.