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Wikirating, Baserank, and Weiss Ratings join forces to support independent crypto ratings

Reading Time: 2 minutes Baserank has joined forces with Weiss Crypto Ratings and Wikirating in a strategic alliance to support independent and reliable ratings for Bitcoin and hundreds of other digital assets. Starting now, all digital coins and tokens covered by Weiss Crypto Ratings and Baserank is also available and regularly updated on Wikirating. Plus, for easy comparison by […]

Bitcoin is Money? You Missed the Whole Point

Reading Time: 4 minutes In October, I published “Why Bitcoin Matters to Millennials.” On the Voice platform, Thomas Wolf responded with his post, “Bitcoin & Millennials — Why It May or May Not Matter.” In that post, he said bitcoin is weak and governments will crush it. People have said that about bitcoin for years. They’re […]

Harem is more about Bodies than Porn

Reading Time: 8 minutes Harem, formerly TheseNudesDoNotExist, is seeking to push the envelope on a number of fronts, not least of which is to grow the diversity of its own workforce. Building nudes using AI requires a degree of human oversight in the learning process and none of the current team members of Harem […]

DeFi began life as a MEME

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rossco Paddison and I were bus buddies in Macau in a time before COVID. We were both speaking at an event on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – a concept that Rossco was already deeply enmeshed with, and while a superb conference, I did not fall down the rabbit hole at that […]

AMA with the founders of Amanah DeFi

Reading Time: 6 minutes Crypto Official conducted an AMA – on the origins of Amanah DeFi Interview between Crypto Official and Amanah DeFi founders, Ilya Dobrovitski and Mohammed Naquib. Recently, we had a chance to sit down with the Amanah DeFi founders: Ilya Dobrovitsky, Mohammed Naquib, and Mufti Billal Omarjee. We talked about the […]

Minima Announces $2.5 Million Investment

Reading Time: 2 minutes Innovative mobile-based blockchain protocol secures funding to develop the Blockchain’s most decentralized network  Minima, which is building the world’s most decentralized blockchain network, today announced a $2.5 million investment round led by Blockchange Ventures. The funding will be used to complete the development of its protocol, and to build out […]

Merry HODLdays to Canada Crypto Buyers

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s a jolly time for HODLers and Bitbuy wants to help make it shinier for Canadian buyers. Bitbuy chose an apt time to reward the HODLers who already have a lot of celebrating to do — last week Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of $19,911 and ETH holders are […]

Electroneum is on track to surpass 4.1 million users

Reading Time: 3 minutes Electroneum is on track to surpass 4.1 million users in the next ten or so days. Just under 4,300 new users registered Electroneum accounts. In addition, app downloads exceeded new sign-ups by over 1,000 as 5,292 people have completed Electroneum app downloads. That means that as of last Wednesday, users have completed […]