Leaf Ireland launches in Dublin

Reading Time: 2 minutes Leaf Ireland, a subsidiary of the UK headquartered Leaf, is launching in Ireland on January 24th, 2020. It is managed by Chief Operations Officer Larry Doyle, a veteran in IT and most recently the founder and MD of well known Irish managed services company Netforce. Leaf already has a strong […]

Digital Transformation Trends in 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Ashley Lipman Staying relevant in the world of business is much easier said than done. If a business refuses to use modern technology to benefit their customers, they will lose lots of money over time. Studies show that 56 percent of the businesses who adopt a digital-first strategy experience […]

Minima to launch a fully decentralised Proof of Work Blockchain Protocol

Reading Time: 3 minutes Minima: “Smarter than BTC. Harder than ETH.”“The Evolution will not be Centralised” Minima, a compact, scalable and secure cryptocurrency with the mantra ‘“The Evolution will not be Centralised”, announced today, is the world’s first truly decentralised Blockchain protocol that runs entirely on mobile phones.   The brainchild of Founder and Chief […]

Girl Crew in Vienna

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Good News is that Diversity and Inclusion is good for business and will make you money. This was the opening line of the panel celebrating diversity and titled ‘Think outside the block’ at the Washington Elite Vienna blockchain summit organised by Bruce Porter. The panel was hosted by Jillian […]

Crypto Bushfire Fundraiser

Reading Time: < 1 minute Help those fighting against Australia’s bushfires by donating cryptocurrency Australia is in the grips of an ongoing bushfire emergency. The Crypto Fire Allaince is challenging the global crypto community to unite and help out, and raise funds quickly to help fight those fires. Cryptocurrency funds raised will be converted into […]

Launching … 21 Club

Reading Time: 7 minutes The number twenty one holds significance for many and traditionally is seen as the pivotal age milestone – at 21 you get the key to the door and begin your life as an adult. Well, here at Blockleaders.io we are partnering with Bridget Greenwood of the The Bigger Pie to […]