Author Paschal Keogh

Paschal Keogh is a writer from Dublin. With years of experience in advising and advocating for marginalized people, he brings his empathetic style to Blockleaders, helping the individuals behind the innovations tell their stories.

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Let’s Talk Adam B. Levine!

The tokenization pioneer and founder and host of Let’s Talk Bitcoin takes Blockleaders on an extraordinary journey through the past, present and future of blockchain, armed only with an insatiable curiosity and a mountain dulcimer…

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Vlad Faraon – Hearing Above The Crypto Noise

With the ICO/STO market stalled, how are blockchain startups finding their way to market? The Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of bootstrap Romania based startup Coreto talks to Blockleaders about the challenges he faces building his project from the ground up, the perils of following crypto influencers and how he plans to bring trust back to the crypto space.

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