Author: Demi Oye

Nicholas King; The Art of Selling is a Science You Should Learn in Business Development

Reading Time: 7 minutes Learn how Nicholas King; a sterling prodigy athlete and virtuoso rose against all the odds to become a sales warlord across several industries including the real estate and blockchain space.Nicholas King spoke to Block Leader’s Demi Oye about his business acumen, growing from a student-athlete to a master salesman amongst other interesting tales this interview promises to regale you with.

Demi Oye – Writer for Blockleaders

Reading Time: < 1 minute We are delighted to welcome our new writer, Demi Oye, to Blockleaders. He is going to bring us some diverse and absorbing stories and we can’t wait to share them with you. Demi comes to Blockleaders having written for Fintechna, Pulse Business Insider, and Liveandwingit. Demi is passionate about writing […]

Jordan Gitterman – Taking on World Hunger and Global Parity Valuation with the Power of Blockchain

Reading Time: 6 minutes Jordan Gitterman spoke to Blockleaders’ Demi Oye about his past in real estate, oil and gas, and how reading Virginia Robertson’s “Information Currency: The New Green” triggered his interest in blockchain and misnomers of valuation he had witnessed. The Old Economy is gone and the New Economy is here, defined […]