Soccer and Social – a Perfect Score in Nigeria

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JET8, the world’s first tokenised peer-to-peer social engagement platform for brands, agencies, communities, and influencers, has added another big name partner. This time Nigerian football pundit Emeka Enyadike, has partnered to launch a social commerce football app.

Emeka is a Director at Digital Sport Africa and founder of Vandyke Sports. Together JET8 and Emeka are launching VandyKam.

Emeka is regarded as one of the most trusted voices in African Football and the Sports Industry, a respected sports commentator and analyst. He has a passion for sports and is recognised as a multi-dimensional writer on sports, marketing, sponsorship, broadcasting, and online trends.

VandyKam will run off JET8’S Social Commerce Technology. Nigerian football fans will be able to download VandyKam, create and share photos and videos while using personalised geo-stickers and geo-frames.

Custodian of the App, Emeka Enyadike said, “We are excited to collaborate with JET8 to launch VandyKam. This social commerce App creates an opportunity to build a new social community for Nigerian football. It is a proudly Nigerian platform for fan engagement and the fun stickers reflect that.

I have a deep connection with my Nigerian roots and Naija fans are creative and entertaining. The App offers them a unique opportunity to get something back, like airtime and other rewards for sharing their content.”

Besides offering communities like Nigerian soccer fans their own Social Commerce platform, JET8 has developed world-class user privacy technology to protect users’ personal data.

JET8’s User Data Exchange Programme facilitates the transaction between a user and third parties whereby a user can opt-in if they want anyone to purchase their personal data directly from them.

The VandyKam App allows soccer fans to create branded content and customise their photos and videos with branded Geo-stickers and Geo-frames and earn points (‘JETPoints’) for every in-app like, comment, and share, as well as for cross-posting onto external social networks.

JET8 recently announced the World’s First Social Wallet. The JET8 Wallet is designed to give users a safe, seamless and pleasant experience.

The JET8 Wallet’s use of blockchain technology makes it a secure custodian app for those wanting to safe keep their J8T tokens, earn rewards, and buy real-life products.

Mike Allen, Co-Founder of JET8 said, “I met Emeka in the early 2000’s as he’s an encyclopaedia on African Football and Nigeria in particular. We spent a lot of time together seeing how passionate Nigerians are for football. They love to engage and have their say like most football fans. Emeka understands this best, so he’s a natural partner for a partnership in Nigeria. In recent years being on Supersport TV has made him an even bigger authority.”

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