Coin Chat Wednesday – chatting with the CEO of WAX – $1million now traded on the site per day

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WAS – the platform for digital goods

WAX CEO Malcolm CasSelle catches up with Steve and Yuri. Can you believe it is two years since they announced the project (out of OpsSkins) and their ICO closed at the end of 2017 – just inside the window for ICOs and before the crash. It was the largest ICO of that quarter.

Since they have been heads down working, putting up a test net and building other dApps. Now – two years on – they have a million dollar’s worth of transactions on the site PER DAY based on half a million transactions. It’s one of the world’s most used chains, certainly in NFTs.  The mainnet went live at end of June when the eco system goes live.

This interview as conducted just prior to the mainnet go live

Guess who had to write the white paper? Watch here to find out

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