Month: February 2019

Steve Good: On being a strategic investor for blockchain companies and writing the book on crypto

Reading Time: 7 minutes Fernando Sanchez recently spoke with Steve Good, an entrepreneur, strategic advisor, blockchain enthusiast, and YouTube personality about issues such as entrepreneurship, blockchain’s potential to become the technological basis for a better future, and of course, all his ventures on YouTube and literally writing the book on crypto.

Cats, Crypto and Curry with Erica Stanford

Reading Time: 7 minutes Erica Stanford, a very unassuming woman who lives in central London. Her meteoric rise from general obscurity to now being a frontrunner in the competitive blockchain and emerging tech space has been reasonably well charted online but today we wanted to speak to her about what matters to her behind the articles.

Daisy Ozim: Blockchain for Social Justice

Reading Time: 6 minutes Daisy Ozim will be sharing with us her thoughts on how blockchain can be used to attain social justice, after all, the thin fabric holding the world in seeming order is that everyone treats their neighbours as themselves. Otherwise, society would be immersed in unimaginable chaos. Life would be brutish and short.

Alex Mashinsky: Internet 3.0 has the potential to reclaim what’s good for the people through blockchain

Reading Time: 10 minutes Fighting the monopolies which dominate our lives is not a new game for Alex Mashinsky, As an immigrant to the US, he decided to take on AT&T which was the most profitable company in the US back then. Almost all of its profit came from international voice call settlements. Mashinsky proposed to replace the decade-old practice of charging users $3 a minute to call relatives abroad with a free internet-based service he called Voice Over Internet Protocol. Few believed such service could even work, as the entire internet was a slow and cumbersome dial-up system that used the phone network as its backbone. Mashinsky persevered though, and today over people all over the world freely use the technology he helped pioneer.