Christian Ani – Closing the Blockchain Education Gap in Nigeria and Beyond

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Christian Ani – Closing the Blockchain Education Gap, and digital media in Nigeria and Beyond

Block Leaders’ Demi Oye talks to Chris Ani about his works in the blockchain space as an educator, entrepreneur, and charity endeavors.

Christian Ani is the CEO of Cryptohub, the leading platform for blockchain education in Nigeria. Chris is an insightful teacher that consistently provide people with relevant and profitable education on the financial potentials that lie within the cryptocurrency space.

On Chris’s website, you will find one of the most audacious pitch you will ever come across in the web ecosystem.

He addresses prospects with these words:

You won’t find long-winded sales pitches on my site telling you why you should be a part of CryptoHub. We’re pretty sure you’ll see the quality for yourself without needing to be convinced.

One thing I would like to mention though is why we started CryptoHub. I started CryptoHub because I was tired of seeing new people get taken advantage of, I got tired of seeing the small guys get slaughtered in market manipulations, I got tired of scammers, I got tired of trolls, I got tired of all the greed, selfishness and lack of Love we saw in the market, so I and my team decided to put our Love into our brand, our videos and products, much like your Grandma put all her Love into her cooking.

Chris also reveals other parts of his work with the outside world as the Leader and Missionary at Chris Ani Ministries with a focus on campus outreach missions, discipleship and leadership development, church planting, charity missions, global outreach, and rural missions.

Childhood Drivers:

If we want a perfect entry, we will never trade.

If we want a perfect company, we will never invest.

If we want a perfect person, we will never marry.

If we want a perfect job, we will never be employed.

Perfection is not the goal, success is.

These are the words I live by.

I grew up in an upper-middle-class family and knew what real wealth looked like.

In any market, the brand, the entrepreneur, and the business with preeminent positioning will always be the highest in demand.

I paid attention to the mass industrialization in the early 90’s and marveled at the Eastern Nigerian business incubation system that has birthed a lot of multi-millionaires and global business leaders in various industries.

Entrepreneurship will test every ability you possess; Your versatility, your learning curve, your sales ability, and even your level of madness.

My major drivers as a child that nurtured my thrist for success are My Late Father, Onyekachi Ani, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Dr. Myles Munroe.

What attracted you to the blockchain space?

Naturally, innovation attracts me and the blockchain industry is the future. For the first time ever, value can be transferred via the internet without a third party, void of governmental control and it got me excited.

The current financial system has too many shortcomings which the blockchain industry has successfully turned into its pros.

Efficiently, the blockchain space provides transparency, trust, accountability and wealth.

The blockchain industry constantly excites me as its major point of advocacy is Financial Freedom! Take, for instance, Bitcoin. This is the biggest and most robust excerpt of the blockchain industry. It gets everyone curious about the functionality of money because of its ability to deliver on wealth creation. This has gone beyond a financial institution, it’s a movement!

Chris is spontaneous and is famous for turning any little gathering to mini-conferences aimed towards enlightening and winning souls for the blockchain mission.

Influences in the blockchain space:

Blockchain being a relatively nascent industry means there is a dearth of old classical wisdom or sage-like figures. I needed to know who Chris looks up to in the industry or whose ideology he identifies with.

Chris responds:

You cannot begin to talk about the Blockchain space without mentioning major propellers like Andreas Antonopolous.

In 2016, his video on the potentials of the blockchain industry was the first I ever watched which got me very interested. Other influencers to me are Tone Vays, Adam Back and Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance.

Why Crypto Education?

Crypto education or Blockchain education is not quite the “cool” thing to pitch to investors. Everyone wants to be attached to some form of technology that disrupts or revolutionizes the finance, agriculture, or health industry.

I was curious to know why Christian Ani was dedicating his time and resources to crypto education and not some tech that attracts Venture Capitalists and other ICO proponents.

He explains:

The reason for my focus on crypto education is as a result of my conviction that the adoption of cryptocurrency can only come from crypto education.

When I started my journey into the crypto space, I couldn’t find any website in Nigeria solely focused on crypto education.

I noticed that void and filled it. Personally, I had to learn and understand the potentials and technology of cryptocurrency from US-based websites as no Nigerian website could do that.

In addition, the high rate of Ponzi schemes and wrong trading leading to failed investments for Nigeria also accelerated the need for crypto education.

Cryptocurrency advocates wealth creation and what better way to reveal this possibility and create adoption than education. 

Lastly, for far too long newcomers and eager crypto students have had to scour the internet, Reddit forums and social networks to find simple how to’s and guides when navigating Crypto Land. I had to make this happen.

I want to be an authority in the blockchain education space, globally.

Charity Works:

Charity is at the crux of Christian Ani’s life work. He has stated his desire to teach, preach and expound the benefits of blockchain across several sectors.

I asked about how he plans to give back to the community and where the buck stops for him; apparently, it doesn’t stop, it keeps rolling.

The original design was not to live on miracles but on a working system. The earth is a system. Your body is a system.

We decided to create a brand and a product that you would also Love and share with others and bring some Love to the market. Speaking of Love, a percentage of every subscription in CryptoHub goes back into our ‘Love Fund’ which goes towards education for disadvantaged areas such as third world countries, children’s support and any other place we see an important need.

So just know that by supporting us, you’re also spreading the Love. We’d rather let our community do the talking by the results they get… as well as create informative and entertaining videos so you’re not bored.

Plans in Motion:

I am a workaholic with several projects in the works.

The bear market has stalled some of the outreach programs and blockchain education projects we started but I do not believe in stop signs.

I and my team are working on the cryptohub app platform.

The cryptohub app is an educational platform where cryptocurrency enthusiasts can learn about the blockchain industry will be launched in 2019. Currently, the website is up and running with amazing features.

We are also building a crypto exchange platform called WeGoEx . WeGoEx allows locals to buy and sell bitcoin instantly will also be launched in 2019.

The vision for the future:

Christian Ani just like any Bitcoin and Blockchain advocate longs for global adoption.

He says:”

The decentralized movement is way beyond bitcoin. It’s happening in education. The future of education is decentralized & borderless.”

“I travel to neighboring countries to preach the Bitcoin Gospel. I am currently in advanced talks with the Central Bank Governor of Nigeria (Equivalent to the U.S.A Federal reserve) to discuss less stringent policies.”

Before 2021, I plan to reach and expand to 25 African countries with WeGoEx and the Cryptohub App while also gaining at least 100,000 subscribers on the cryptohub app platform.”

Overcoming Adversity

Becoming and Thriving as an entrepreneur in a country with endless corruption, fleeting inflation figures, weak economic foresight amidst other struggles is no easy feat.

Chris reveals that in overcoming adversity:

I have learned to be resilient and patient. Challenges always arise but I learn to stand confident and strong and maintain a positive mind for positive results.

I understand my passion and verve for blockchain education. It fuels my desire to keep going through every wall, proverbial glass ceiling that stands in my way.

Biggest Challenges:

“I am an avid traveler that engages investors and like-minds fervently. As I opined earlier, Tech innovations get the bulk of the attention when it comes to raising capital in any financial investment setting. The major challenge I and my team have experienced is raising capital for new and existing projects. Indigenous investors are almost difficult to engage. However, we are still pushing.”

Final Words:

Any final words, Chris?

Don’t Delay, join the cryptocurrency space, learn, ideate, create, start trading if you can. Also, be futuristic. Have long term goals with sustainable results.  My charge to everyone is this: Disrupt Today! Create the Future.

If you want to look up Christian Ani and what he is up to these days, connect or follow him on LinkedIn.




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