Blockleaders This Week

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The Blockleaders we talked to last week were all about making positive changes to the community, decentralizing power from the government and securing an independent future for the people and their assets.

This week we will take a closer look at women in the blockchain world, following their incredible journeys that lead them to adopt and pioneer the tech world. These people are an inspiring force not just for other women, but for all of us out there.

Here is what we have in store for you next week:

Monday will see us talking about creating self-sustaining communities through the blockchain. Our Blockleader will show us how she creates those communities, and talk to us about how to use the blockchain to increase transparency in the healthcare world.

Tuesday’s interviewee is a blockchain evangelist, teaching communities how to get together via the blockchain. She will be talking to us about her fascination with Japan and about her passion for educating people to collaborate.

Wednesday we will be covering how blockchain can be used to bring essential resources to the developing world. NGOs can move too slowly, our Blockleader uses blockchain to help cut through red tape, making positive change a faster process.

Thursday will focus on communities in the Bahamas and more specifically on creating a sovereign cryptocurrency for the Caribbean; away from the politics and prioritizing the people.

To finish the week, Friday’s Blockleader will tell us how she uses blockchain to fight poverty and social injustice, empowering the unbanked with crypto wallets when they cannot climb into the world of traditional banking.


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