Month: November 2018

Greg Simpson – The DNA Mapping Scandal Unlocked

Reading Time: 7 minutes EDNA.Life’s Greg Simpson tells Blockleaders the truth about hereditary websites, the future of DNA modification, and why the authorities don’t want you to know the secrets locked inside your DNA profile. If you carried a higher than usual genetic risk of contracting a disease, or of suffering a heart attack, […]

Thomas Cox: The Generalist

Reading Time: 8 minutes Thomas Cox, employee number three of, shares his views of the world, talks about decentralised governance, and points out we all need purpose, whether we are right or wrong. I was preparing for my interview with Thomas Cox I asked a number of people what I should ask. One bright […]

Blockleaders This Week

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Blockleaders we talked to last week were all entrepreneurs and educators, passing on their knowledge and opening up people to the world of tech, cryptocurrency and blockchain. This week will cover the theme of connectivity and community. Our Blockleaders are great individuals that want to keep people connected within […]

Last Week on Blockleaders

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week saw some naturally inspiring entrepreneurs and educators, working their way in the crypto and blockchain world to empower people with their knowledge and passion. We started the week with accelerating the acceptance of crypto in Africa and ended talking with a crypto evangelist who is uniting people with […]

Morgan Pierce: Firestarter

Reading Time: 7 minutes Morgan Pierce, blockchain evangelist and educator, spoke to Blockleaders’ Nicola Doyle about the shift towards Bitcoin, the need for clarification in times of uncertainty, and her role as translator between technology and humanity. Follow her journey from the US to Europe and traditional finance to crypto. Having lived in Ireland for […]